The Blues Directors

Blues Directors performing at Sandbar in Boise on June 5, 2018.

Boise Blues Society “Blues Directors” at Karmic Relief 2017. Backed by The Oregon Trail Blues Bombardiers harpist Dean Bristow, lead guitarist Al MacLeod, and drummer Mark Hermanson.

Barbara Laing: vocals/acoustic guitar
Mike Witmer: bass guitar
Evelyn Hadden: vocals/percussion
Josh Lamansky: electric guitar
Dave Light: vocals/harmonica
Carmel Crock: vocals/percussion
Ken Harris: vocals/piano
Todd Sprague: drums
Engineer: Don Cunningham

The Blues Directors are a fun and professional group, ideal for someone who enjoys old school blues tunes. The group is made up of very talented musicians as well as charismatic performers who have a fun, energetic presence on stage. They are great to work with for dance events and attentive of the dancer’s needs throughout the night. This allows for appreciation of both arts on the dance floor and on the stage. I look forward to seeing and working with the Blues Directors again.